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20+ Years Experience

Proudly leading the makeup industry for 20+ years providing impeccable results.

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10K+ Makeovers done

Our happy clients are always styled to perfection to get the most out of their look.

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25+ Makeup Professionals

We've top certified professionals to serve customers as well as train budding makeup artists.

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4K+ Students Trained

Our clients include top celebrities and we have trained more than 4000 candidates.

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Meena Kumar - Bridal Services

Amazing work for my grand evening! I'm totally satisfied with the look as it was simple and perfect to the note. I received good compliments from my friends and relatives. Thank you in loads Jeevitha.

Nithya Venkat - Model

Jeevitha is an amazing makeup artist with a beautiful eye for colour. She's quite confident with skin & colours and dolled me up with a wonderful look on my baby shower. I've become a big fan of hers now.

Keerthi - Trainee

I always had a dilemma if I could become a beautician and run a business on my own. I randomly came across ER makeup studio and checked her works and found I can fulfil my dreams. Yes, it is one of the best places to learn makeup if you're a beginner. I feel happy that finally, I've made the right decision in joining ER academy.